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apparently I’m cool with headshots and robbing banks, but street hookers just go to far

Confession time. I really want to play Grand Theft Auto V. Like real bad.

It beckons me… It calls to me… Purchase me… Play me… Explore my vast, life-like world.


Not only am I a Christian, but I’m also a pastor who plays video games. [insert gasp here]


There’s this unspoken expectation that pastors don’t play games. They only do spiritual things like feed the poor and go on short-term mission trips. Maybe, just maybe if they are cool and hip can occasionally go fly-fishing and watch the Lord of the Rings movies. That’s okay. And maybe, just maybe youth pastors can play¬†some video games– like sport games, Mario Kart, or Left Behind.


But pastors surely shouldn’t play games that involve shooting nazi zombies in the face. Or games were you may cast spells. Only Gandalf gets to cast spells. There’s an exception for that some where. I think in Leviticus.

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