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Gone Home : A Tragic Search for Love



Proceed at your own risk, spoilers below


Recently I finished “Gone Home”–a video game that has been quite the buzz of the industry since its release in 2013. Much of it’s success has been propelled by it’s unconventional subject matter and play style. There are no baddies to shoot, no races to win, no escort missions(whew) no enemies to defeat. Instead, perhaps the closest game that I can relate it to is Myst–an exploration game where you may need to solve puzzles to progress to the next room.

The game is all about the story and your experience in uncovering its secrets–so rather than being an adrenaline driven experience, the game is much more akin to reading a novel or watching a movie.

In the story you play the role of Kaitlin Greenbriar–a recent high school graduate.The year is 1995, and you have just returned home from a year-long backpacking style trip to Europe. While you were away, your family moved to a new house. But when you walk through the front door, no one is there to greet you. Rather, the house is mysteriously empty.

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