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I Pulled The Trigger :: A Pastor Reviews Last of Us

What does it mean to be human?

It’s the once clever but now tired question of the zombie-killer drama. The wildly successful Walking Dead series has cashed in on this trope time and time again. At the genre’s best it asks us to ponder not only are the undead still human, but are the survivors? After doing everything and anything to survive– from robbing to murdering and in extreme cases resorting to cannibalism– The zombie drama asks:  What line is a line too far to cross? When do we go from being a human to being a monster?


Oh Crap.

I was prepared to be bored before the game even started. How many cheap clichés could I expect? Has the government fallen apart? Check. Has society descended into anarchy? Check. Is survival as much about scrounging resources than fighting zombies? Check.

At first, Last of Us seemed as if it were going to be lost to the warehouse shelves of used Gamestop* games.  But then, surprisingly, Last of Us was about something more. Read More…