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I Didn’t Vote For Trump, but He’s My President, and Here’s My Duty. 

I was absolutely appalled when I learned that Donald J Trump was the Republican nominee. We can’t be serious, right?  He’s brutish, divisive, warmongering, and uncharitable. To me, character matters more than policies, for I believe that politicians will say anything they need to in order to get elected, but when they are in their office, their character and core beliefs are what actually guide them. 
Trump said a lot of things his election– he’s a man known for many words and for outrageous tweets. Sure, he promised all the right things. To end Roe v Wade, to appoint conservative Supreme Court Justices, and to fight ISIS. Support him for his promises, not his character, my evangelical brothers and sisters begged. He might not be great, but he’s better than Hillary. 
I couldn’t shake the idea that when the anti-Christ comes, he will make many lofty promises and wow the nations with his charm. He will promise freedom and peace,  but he will devour us. 
I don’t believe Trump is the anti-Christ. At least I hope he isn’t anyways. He’s not quite charming enough, and he seems too sloppy.   But still, his character scares me. How Christian leaders flock to praise him and cover up his faults frightens me. 
Where does that lead me? What does the Lord require you of me in a President Trump world?
I need to pray for my leaders. 

I need to pray for God to direct his heart. Pr 21:1

I need to serve the Kingdom and the King first. 

I need to love the widow, outcast, and foreigner. 

I need to work for peace.

I need to love my church.

I need to love my family.
Trump isn’t my savior. Jesus is. And last time I checked, he was still in charge.