Welcome to something new. My name is Matt, and I am a pastor in a little town you’ve never heard of.


I’m in my 20′s, married with a baby girl, and am trying to figure this whole “being a pastor” thing out. I’ll probably never be a Billy Graham, Bill Hybels, Andy Stanley, or Dallas Willard. But I love the Lord, and I know that it’s forgettable, unknown pastors like me that will change the world.


How so? When someone gets sick in my community, I visit them. Not Billy. When someone questions their faith, I will listen to them. Not Andy. This country is full of nobody’s like me–who god marvelously chooses to use to build his flock.


Oh, and I’m also a Millennial, and I won’t apologize for it. We have our flaws, but this is the generation that God has placed me and this generation speaks the language I speak.


I love movies. I love cups of coffee. I love video games. I despise Christian radio. I tweet. I instagram.  And I’m excited to see how God will draw this generation to his heart.


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